There is a song called "Gimme Some Truth",  by John Lennon, there is also a more contemporary song called " truth hurts" by Lizzo, a famous female rapper that wrote it few years ago. These examples are just a few of very influential people expressing their real feelings about the importance of truth; right or wrong, these examples are not cited here  to judge them, but as a representatives of human thinkers in our day and age, and their approach about the truth.

As teachers, parents, friends, you can clearly see the impact of some answers we typically give to our new generation. If your children or friends still consider you as a good resource for their inquiries as Google, that in itself  is good news. Yes! they are looking for answers! Let's check up on some examples our society is giving nowadays:

Does God exist?

Probably not.

Where do we come from?
There is this Bing Bang theory out, but before that who knows.

Why do we die?

This is the cycle of life, do your best and be happy.

There are Democrats and Republicans at school and all what I hear  is about freedom. What  freedom are they talking about?

Freedom is doing whatever makes you feel good.


None of these answers are satisfactory or certain - quiet the opposite they just trigger even more questions.​​​​​​

​​​​​​​This truth is constantly adapting and evolving, reshaping according to circumstances, and depending on any one's point of view, experiences, gender, political party and we can go on endlessly. Then it is no wonder we  can conclude that the truth is that - there is no truth - at least under this scheme, but hold on, we have good news!, this truth is just according to mankind.

This is where God comes in. Our loving father reveals a completely different concept. The Truth dwells in the Word of God. We can see it from the beginning, when man was created, all the way through Jesus's life, and the culminating question posted directly to him. What is The Truth?.

This question in the Bible is not there for Jesus only, but for you as well. And if you have read this far, you must want to know more! Here is the good news: you are not alone, there are thounsands of us that want to know more.


This Truth it is so precious to our community, this Truth is the core of our beliefs - the culture that we build our families on - and we assure you it is not something we created and interpreted. You will never  hear from us that “This is a Mystery”. You will search, and your sight will be open forever. Finding the Truth is just the beginning, and what this Truth does to your life is even better....